Research and Publications

Research & Publications

  • Urban Patterns: Working with Nature

    Blake Robinson, Gill Cullinan and Matthew Cullinan

    Document type: SI Research & Publications

    With functioning ecosystems forming the foundation for social and economic activity, this guide looks at how built environments can be planned to operate in  collaboration with nature. It looks at how to plan cities and regions for ecosystem health, focusing on allowing sufficient space for natural systems to continue providing crucial goods and services like fresh water, food, fuel and waste amelioration.

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  • Waste Recycling in Cape Town

    Sally-Anne Engledow

    Document type: Student Research

    Sally-Anne Engledow is a waste recycling consultant in Cape Town. This is a copy of her Masters Thesis for UCT entitled The Strategic Assessment of a Curbside Recycling Initiative in Cape Town as a Tool for Integrated Waste Management. Mark Swilling was the External Examiner. This research will be used by an SI research team to develop future sustainable infrastructure options for Cape Town.

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    Resource Efficiencies
  • Western Cape Sustainable Human Settlement Strategy

    Document type: SI Research & Publications

    Western Cape Sustainable Human Settlement Strategy - official policy framework of the Western Cape Provincial Government, compiled by a team coordinated by the Sustainability Institute;

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    Development Planning