Learning for Sustainability (TVET) college

Learning for Sustainability (LFS) is a Further Education and Training (TVET) college, established in 2008 by the Sustainability Institute to offer accredited training that focuses on capacity building for transformative development.

LFS provides learning programmes that cultivate excellence in learning for sustainable futures. Specific emphasis is placed on their contribution towards community conversion through integrating ecology and equity with special focus on social justice and poverty eradication. Our work in communities started in 2003 after conducting a scoping process in Manenberg, which identified the harsh reality of violence, gangsterism, crime, unemployment and drugs which exists in the area. Given this context, we acknowledged a need to engage with children and the communities they live in to promote non-violent and safe spaces for children through various sustainable interventions and developed the following key learning opportunities:

  1. Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme
  2. Agroecology Academy

The Sustainability Institute's programmes are built on values that contribute to equity, social cohesion, poverty eradication and community engagement and play an important role in building a sustainable future.