Immersive Learning Journey to Brazil


Brazil is a country of contrasts and contradictions. Crowded urban centres give way to massive soy and cattle farms, while traditional communities live simply in the world’s most biodiverse reserve on the earth. It’s vibrant and captivating – every traveller’s dream destination – yet Brazil faces many social and environmental challenges invisible to the average traveller.  

A two-week, immersive learning journey to Brazil offers a chance to truly experience the pulse of Brazil. While it brings travellers to destinations not indicated on regular tourist maps, it also teaches them about the state of the cities, food systems, biodiversity, inequalities and politics. Engage with grassroots level social action in urban hubs and witness vast fields of grazing cattle and the struggles associated with it. Grapple with issues of population density and transport system failures and stand in awe of nature in its most pristine form, far removed from the human sprawl.

From urban Sao Paulo, via the central agricultural region of Tocantins and into the depths of the Amazon jungle, this encounter, in partnership with South Collective, will shake all your senses and present an immersion like no other.

An immersive learning journey is an exciting and hands-on way to learn, unlearn and discover not only a different country, but also a different side of yourself. Traditional classrooms are replaced with engaging conversations based both on academic and non-academic readings. Laptops and spreadsheets are replaced with dynamic debates and hand-written realisations made while commuting in the city or camping in the wilderness.

Trips to visit grassroots organisations, farms, social movements, traditional communities and entrepreneurship initiatives form the practical side of the learning experience. The arguments found in the readings are brought to life on the ground and could either emphasise or contradict what is really going on. Throughout, travellers are urged to journal their personal experience and transformation.

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For more information please download the brochure. To reserve your space, email Eduardo Shimahara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Places must be booked by 15 July 2018.

This two-week immersive journey is targeted at postgraduate students, practitioners and curious travelers seeking to gain gritty insights and experience within food systems, urban cities and systems, biodiversity and social entrepreneurship. An immersive learning journey such as this will leave you with new perspectives and insights that can be applied to a multitude of situations and complexities.


Shima was born in São Paulo, Brazil. A mechanical engineer for 10 years, he led teams in France and Spain before leaving his career to start a small consultancy business, which 12 years later became the 6th largest group of private universities in Brazil.